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IT Solutions
Innovative IT solutions are a strategic component in today’s successful organizations. We are able to manage projects from design through client training. Together with our clients, we define the business requirements and then develop and implement cost-effective web-based applications. Our approach is to allow the business needs to drive the end-product’s features and not let them be dictated by technology.

TIVALCO can help you successfully plan, develop, and maintain your Web project. We will deliver a fresh and creative design that is user friendly while providing you with the highest level of service. TIVALCO products are aesthetically pleasing but we have found that "Bells and Whistles" do not contribute proportionately to our client’s return-on-investment.

Services and projects include:
  • Web based database applications
  • Website design & E-Commerce (shopping carts & merchant accounts)
  • Programming Languages
    • HTML, ASP.NET, VB, PHP, Perl, javascript, C++, C#
  • Databases Supported
    • MS SQL, MS Access, MySQL, Sybase

Call or email us for a free consultation.
(786) 206-7759, Ext. 700 or TIVALCO IT Solutions

Do you need to upgrade, repair, or protect your computer?

  • Services below are available in Miami-Dade County, FL only:
    • Laptop/Desktop upgrades and repairs
    • Wireless network installations and troubleshooting
    • Virus/spyware removal
    • LAN cabling & networking hardware
    • Hourly fee, no contract required
    • Free initial consultations

    Call or email us for a free consultation.
    (786) 206-7759, Ext. 700 or TIVALCO IT Solutions

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